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Surface Quality Pureness Of Alloy Aluminum Tube Tube Continuous Casting Oct 30, 2017

The optimal design of the mold taper has been paid more and more attention by scholars and producers. Using large-scale general finite element software ANSYS, billet continuous casting mold alloy Aluminum Tube taper WANG Jian-gang With the continuous casting technology and product quality requirements to improve the use of finite element method of 150 The two-dimensional unsteady thermocouple coupling model was established to simulate the solidification shrinkage of the slab in the mold. By establishing a three-dimensional model of thermodynamics coupling,

Calculate the deformation of the crystallizer alloy aluminum tube, and on this basis, the optimum taper of the mold is designed. The effect of drawing speed and superheat on the solidification of slab is compared. The results show that the slab temperature increases at the exit of the mold, And the shrinkage of the shell decreases with the increase of the pulling speed. The tensile strength has a great influence on the stress and strain of the slab, and the influence degree of the stress is greater than the strain. 15 ℃ increased to 25 ℃, the billet temperature increased slightly, the impact of small shells less impact, shell thinning. The results show that the hot and cold surface temperature of the alloy aluminum alloy increases with the increase of the pulling speed, and the deformation of the aluminum alloy is also improved with the increase of the tensile speed. And the superheat increased from 15 ℃ to 25 ℃, the hot metal surface temperature of the mold alloy aluminum tube increased slightly, the cold surface temperature was almost unchanged, and the deformation of the mold alloy aluminum tube was very little.

Finally, the shrinkage of the slab and the deformation of the mold are obtained, and the reasonable taper of the crystallized alloy aluminum tube is obtained. The results show that the interaction between the aluminum alloy and the slab has to be considered in the taper design of the mold alloy aluminum tube. Mold taper greater impact. The effect of the pulling speed on the taper of the crystallized alloy aluminum tube is larger. Compared with the taper of the aluminum alloy of the same steel mold under different drawing speed, the taper is required for the larger drawing speed, and the taper is smaller Large taper. Comparing the taper of the crystallizer under different superheat, it is found that the superheat has little effect on the taper. Comparison of the mold of the aluminum alloy wall of the central and corner of the taper found,

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The taper of the upper part of the alloy aluminum tube is obviously larger than the taper of the center, and the taper of the lower region is smaller.